Travel Lite RV Out of Business

Travel Lite RV

Not believing that travel lite rv out of business? Miles Logistic brought this content to show you how it all happened.

Travel Lite RV, a manufacturer of lightweight travel trailers and campers, has announced that it is going out of business. Founded in the late 90s, Travel Lite RV quickly became known for its quality and innovative designs. The company specialized in creating lightweight trailers that were easy to tow with smaller vehicles while still providing plenty of space inside.

Travel Lite was able to produce these types of RVs by using innovative materials such as aluminum frames and composite panels which enabled them to keep their weight down while providing a durable product.

This allowed them to offer competitive prices when compared to similar products on the market. Despite having an impressive lineup of products, Travel Lite RV was unable to compete with larger manufacturers and ultimately had to close its doors due to financial constraints.

Background: Company Overview

Travel Lite RV, the fifth largest manufacturer of recreational vehicles in the U.S., is officially out of business. The company filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2020 after more than three decades in operation, citing a period of financial distress due to market changes and difficult economic conditions.

Travel Lite RV was founded in 1989 by Mike Reuer and his wife Karen Reuer, who had previously operated a mobile home dealership near Elkhart, Indiana. Since its inception, Travel Lite RV has grown to become one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry with customers all over North America and Europe.

It specialized in lightweight travel trailers that could be towed by smaller cars or SUVs, such as their award-winning Falcon model which was designed to appeal to younger buyers. The company also manufactured truck campers and fifth wheel trailers that offered customers luxury features at reasonable prices.

Cause of Failure: Financial Struggles

Travel Lite RV, a family-owned business that has been manufacturing recreational vehicles since 1998, is now out of business. The company cited financial struggles as the cause of failure and attributed their downfall to an abundance of factors.

According to Travel Lite’s president and CEO, Don Emahiser, the company struggled with slow sales due to the competitive market environment in the RV industry. In addition, rising material costs and labor expenses made it difficult for them to keep up with their competitors. They also faced significant pressure from banks demanding repayment on loans used to finance operations during lean periods.

Ultimately, these financial challenges became too much for Travel Lite RV to overcome and they were forced into bankruptcy earlier this year.

Impact of Closure: Job Losses

For many in the small town of Burnsville, Indiana, the news of Travel Lite RV shutting down came as a shock. The closure has left over 170 employees out of work and wondering what their next steps will be going forward.

Travel Lite RV was one of the largest employers in the area and provided jobs to people from a wide range of backgrounds. The company had been around since 1998, and its teams were proud to design and build award-winning travel trailers that were popular across America.

The impact of Travel Lite’s closure is not just felt by employees who are now left looking for new jobs; it also affects those in local businesses who relied on workers’ spending power. This is another example of how big business closures can have devastating effects beyond those directly involved with the company.

Receivership Status: Possible Buyer Found

Travel Lite RV, a leader in the RV manufacturing industry, has recently announced receivership status due to financial difficulties. The company’s assets were put up for sale and it looked as though their future remained uncertain. However, a new development has caused a glimmer of hope for the company: a potential buyer has been found.

The news came as a surprise to many, who had thought the closure of Travel Lite RV was inevitable given its financial struggles. The identity of the possible buyer is currently unknown, but sources suggest that they have enough capital to purchase all of Travel Lite’s assets and continue operations if an agreement is reached with creditors.

In addition, experts believe that this would be beneficial for both parties involved; Travel Lite would gain much-needed capital while providing employment opportunities for many workers in the area.

Legal Action Against Travel Lite RV

The closure of Travel Lite RV has left many customers wondering what their next steps should be. The Indiana-based company, founded in 2001, was one of the leading manufacturers of light-weight recreational vehicles and trailer products. Their sudden bankruptcy announcement last month came as a shock to customers who had purchased RVs from them in good faith.

Now, those same customers are taking legal action against Travel Lite RV for failing to provide refunds or other compensation for their orders that never shipped or were delivered late or incomplete. Several lawsuits have been filed by aggrieved customers who allege that the company breached their contract with them and failed to meet its product standards.

These cases are currently winding through the courts, with consumers hoping to receive restitution for their losses. It remains to be seen whether they will be successful in receiving any compensation from the now defunct company.


The conclusion of the story regarding Travel Lite RV is a sad one. After over 25 years of operation, the company has officially gone out of business and all remaining inventory has been liquidated.

The 500-plus employees that were previously employed by Travel Lite have had to find new jobs or move onto other opportunities. It’s a devastating blow to not only those affected but also to the economy in Elkhart County, Indiana.

Despite their long history, Travel Lite was unable to keep up with increasing competition in the industry and as a result, they couldn’t stay afloat financially. According to experts, there were several factors that led to their downfall including overexpansion and increased costs due to tariffs on imported materials. Unfortunately, these issues combined with an overall decline in consumer spending ultimately led Travel Lite RV into bankruptcy and closure for good.

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