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Atlanta is home to some of the most luxurious airport lounges in the United States, making it a great place for travelers to relax before their flight. The concourse level of Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has found several high-end lounges where passengers can stretch out, enjoy complimentary snacks and beverages, and even get work done if need be.

One popular lounge option is the Delta Sky Club Lounge which features a full bar, Wi-Fi access, comfortable seating areas, and television rooms with CNN playing. For American Express cardholders looking for additional perks, there’s also an exclusive Centurion Lounge that offers complimentary food items such as salads and sandwiches along with handcrafted cocktails.

Additionally travelers can take advantage of both Priority Pass Select Membership Lounges or Airspace Lounges which offer similar amenities as well as showers and business centers. No matter what type of traveler you are, there’s sure to be an airport lounge experience in Atlanta that fits your needs!

Lounge Amenities

Lounges in the Atlanta airport offer a wide range of amenities to make travelers’ stays more comfortable and enjoyable. From complimentary snacks and drinks to charging stations, there’s something for everyone. For those looking for a little extra comfort, many lounges provide reclining chairs or sofas with footrests, plush pillows and blankets, as well as massage chairs for ultimate relaxation. Wi-Fi is available to keep up with work or entertainment needs while traveling.

Lounges also feature TVs with cable access or local news coverage for when you need some distraction from your travels. Some even offer showers so you can freshen up before taking off again. Kids are also taken into consideration by providing coloring books and toys to help keep them entertained during their stay. Whether you’re in the Atlanta Airport just passing through or have time to spare before your next flight, lounges provide the perfect place to relax during your travels.

Benefits of Airport Lounge Access

Airport lounges offer travelers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the airport terminal. The Atlanta Airport is no exception. With multiple lounge options, travelers can enjoy complimentary snacks, beverages, and even full meals. Lounges also provide comfortable seating areas for relaxing or working, with Wi-Fi access included in the cost of admission.

Some lounges have workstations available to travelers who need to get some work done while waiting for their flights. Additionally, many lounges offer perks like showers so that travelers can freshen up before their flight or special amenities such as priority boarding and security line access so they can get through lines faster and more comfortably than other passengers.

Finally, visitors to the Atlanta Airport lounge will find a bevy of digital services available at their fingertips such as charging stations and power outlets that allow them to easily connect devices like phones and laptops without needing an adapter or converter. All these benefits make accessing an airport lounge in Atlanta worthwhile for those looking for a truly stress-free travel experience.

Popular Airport Lounges in Atlanta

The Crown Room in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is one of the most luxurious and popular airport lounges in the city. With an outside terrace offering stunning views of the airfield, two bar areas, a dining area, and a private event space, it provides comfort and convenience for travelers. Other amenities include free Wi-Fi access, complimentary snacks and drinks, flat screen TVs with satellite channels, conference rooms for business meetings, showers with complimentary toiletries, charging stations for electronic devices and more. The lounge also offers a selection of international wines and spirits to choose from.

The SkyClub at Terminal A is another popular airport lounge in Atlanta that features contemporary furnishings and modern décor combined with natural elements including wood beams on the ceiling.

This lounge offers amenities such as free Wi-Fi access throughout the space; numerous self-serve food options; complimentary beer and wine selections; comfortable seating areas; high top tables perfect for working or relaxing; charging stations; TV monitors playing news updates; showers with luxurious spa products; concierge services to assist travelers during their stay. The SkyClub has many ongoing promotions that provide guests discounts on food items as well as special discounted rates on cocktails.

Cost of Access

The cost of access to an airport lounge in Atlanta can vary greatly depending on a traveler’s membership level and the type of lounge. For those without memberships, many lounges offer day passes for a fee, which may include access to amenities such as food, beverages, Wi-Fi, workstations and more. Additionally, some credit cards provide complimentary or discounted access to certain lounges located within Atlanta International Airport (ATL).

It is important for travelers to check the terms and conditions of their card before making any purchases. Lastly, members of airline loyalty programs may receive complimentary or reduced-cost access depending on their status level. Generally speaking, the higher the status tier, the greater the benefits received when accessing an ATL airport lounge.

Traveler Reviews

The airport lounge at Atlanta is a great place for travelers to relax, unwind and enjoy a meal or snack. The lounge offers comfortable seating, complimentary snacks and drinks, and plenty of charging ports. Travelers have found the staff to be friendly and accommodating in the lounge. They have also praised the variety of food options available in the café area, where you can get a quick snack or meal before your flight.

Reviews of this airport lounge are overwhelmingly positive, with many people noting that it is one of the best lounges they’ve experienced when traveling through Atlanta. In addition to good service, travelers appreciate the cleanliness and quiet atmosphere that this airport lounge provides.

Some even go so far as to recommend it over other lounges in other airports throughout the US. All in all, if you’re looking for an enjoyable experience while waiting for your flight out of Atlanta Airport, then this airport lounge should definitely be on your list!


In conclusion, the airport lounge in Atlanta is a great place to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet. The seating is comfortable and offers plenty of room for travelers to stretch out before their flight. The food options are varied, with something for everyone’s tastes.

The free Wi-Fi helps travelers stay connected while waiting for their flights. There are also plenty of amenities available such as magazines, newspapers, televisions, charging outlets, and more. Overall, the airport lounge in Atlanta provides a pleasant experience that can help make traveling much less stressful.

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