Cathay Pacific Business Class - Fly a FREE $8,000 flight

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This is a complete guide on how to fly in one of the most luxurious business class seats in the world: Cathay Pacific. We will use Bank of America Alaska Airlines credit card miles.

Air Miles brought this content to help you. In the video above you will be able to better understand in a didactic and totally intuitive way how it is possible to fly practically for free!

Have you ever wanted to travel in business class, but thought it was too expensive? Well, there is an easy way to fly for free in business class! All you have to do is sign up for a credit card that has a sign-up bonus of at least 80,000 points. Then, use those points to book a business class flight! It’s that simple!

If you’re looking for the best credit card to help you earn a free business class flight, look no further than the Chase Sapphire Reserve® card.

What is the easiest way to fly a free $8,000 business class flight?

There are a few ways to fly a free $8,000 business class flight. One way is to sign up for a credit card that offers miles or points for spending. For example, the Chase Sapphire Reserve® Card offers 3 points per dollar spent on travel and dining. You can also transfer your points to airline partners such as United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.

Another way to fly a free $8,000 business class flight is to sign up for an airline’s frequent flyer program. For example, Delta Air Lines has a program called SkyMiles that offers miles for flying and spending with Delta and its partners.

You can also earn miles by shopping with SkyMiles partners such as Best Buy, Starbucks, and Airbnb. Finally, you can also fly a free $8,000 business class flight by using rewards from your everyday spending.

Find a travel hacking credit card

There are a few things to consider when finding the best travel hacking credit card. The first is what type of traveler you are. If you are a casual traveler who only flies a few times a year, then you will want to find a card with fewer restrictions and less fees. However, if you are a frequent flyer or travel for business often, then you will want to find a card with more perks and rewards.

Another thing to consider is what type of perks you are looking for. Some cards offer free checked bags, while others offer priority boarding or lounge access. Figure out which benefits would be most valuable to you and look for a card that offers those perks.

Finally, consider the annual fee of the card. Some travel hacking credit cards have high annual fees, but if you travel often enough, the benefits and rewards can outweigh the cost of the fee.


In no way do we want to show you false hopes, understand that all this is very possible, but it will also depend on your willpower and your strategies, we brought the video to give you a north, that yes, it is possible, so roll up your sleeves and go up.

The world of airline miles and points is somewhat unknown to many people, and many skeptics end up discouraging those who start their journey, but for those people who want to make it happen and profit from miles, yes, it is possible!

Go in search of more knowledge, go deep in the search for information and you will see with your own eyes that freedom is behind a little effort and determination.

Nothing is easy in this life, here it won’t be either, but know that for every effort, there is a result!

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