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Are you interested in American Express Cobalt? Miles Logistic brought this content with details of this card that can help you.

American Express Cobalt is a credit card designed for those who want to earn more rewards points on everyday purchases. With a focus on dining and travel, the Cobalt card offers 5x points on eligible eats and drinks, as well as on flights, hotels, and transit. Additionally, cardholders can earn 2x points at gas stations and select streaming services.

One of the unique features of the Cobalt card is its flexible redemption options. Cardholders can use their rewards points to offset purchases made with their card or transfer them to various airline frequent flyer programs or hotel loyalty programs. American Express also regularly offers special promotions that allow customers to earn bonus rewards points.

In terms of benefits, the Cobalt card includes travel insurance coverage such as emergency medical insurance and trip interruption/cancellation insurance. Cardholders also have access to Amex’s global assistance hotline for help with everything from lost passports to medical emergencies while traveling. All in all, the American Express Cobalt is an excellent choice for those who frequently dine out or travel and want a versatile credit card that earns them valuable rewards points.


The American Express Cobalt card offers a range of benefits for its users. One of the most significant benefits is the earning potential on everyday purchases. Cardholders can earn five points per dollar spent on eligible eats and drinks, two points per dollar spent on travel (including flights, hotels, transit and gas), and one point per dollar spent on everything else.

Another key benefit of the American Express Cobalt card is the flexibility it provides when it comes to redeeming rewards. Points can be redeemed for travel expenses or transferred to other loyalty programs such as Aeroplan or Marriott Bonvoy. Additionally, cardholders have access to exclusive experiences and events through American Express Invites.

Finally, the American Express Cobalt card offers valuable insurance coverage including emergency medical insurance for trips up to 15 days outside your province/territory of residence, lost or stolen baggage insurance, hotel/motel burglary insurance, and more. These benefits make the American Express Cobalt a smart choice for those who want to maximize their rewards while also having peace of mind when traveling.

Rewards Points

American Express Cobalt offers one of the most comprehensive rewards points programs in the market. With its wide range of benefits, it’s no wonder why cardholders are raving about it. The program is designed to reward customers on their everyday spending habits, such as dining out or grocery shopping.

Cardholders earn 5x the points when they dine at restaurants, order food delivery or even buy groceries. Moreover, they can earn up to 2x more points for using their card for travel expenses such as flights and rental cars.

The best part? These earned rewards points don’t expire and can be used towards a variety of different redemption options including merchandise, gift cards or even statement credits. Cardholders also have the option to transfer their points to participating airline loyalty programs and hotel partners which makes it easy for them to use these points towards future travels. Overall, with American Express Cobalt’s rewards program, cardholders will definitely get more bang for their buck!

No Annual Fee

The American Express Cobalt card is a great option for those who want to avoid the hassle of annual fees. As one of the few credit cards with no annual fee, Cobalt offers a range of benefits that make it a popular choice among Canadians. With no annual fee, you can enjoy all the perks and rewards of this credit card without worrying about added costs.

For frequent travellers, the Cobalt card offers travel insurance benefits such as lost or delayed baggage coverage and emergency medical coverage. Additionally, users can earn points on every purchase which can then be redeemed for travel expenses like flights, hotels and car rentals. The rewards program also includes dining out at restaurants and food delivery services.

Overall, the American Express Cobalt card is an excellent choice for those looking to avoid annual fees while still enjoying premium rewards and benefits. Whether you’re a frequent traveller or just looking to earn points on everyday purchases, this card has something for everyone. With its flexible redemption options and extensive travel insurance coverage, it’s easy to see why so many Canadians choose this credit card over other options on the market.

Welcome Bonus

American Express Cobalt is a popular credit card that offers a welcome bonus to new users. This welcome bonus is an attractive offer that provides customers with extra benefits and rewards when they sign up for the card. The American Express Cobalt welcome bonus includes up to 30,000 Membership Rewards points, which can be used towards travel, merchandise, or even statement credits.

To qualify for the American Express Cobalt welcome bonus, customers must spend at least $3,000 on their new card within the first three months of opening their account. This may seem like a high amount of spending at first glance, but it’s actually quite achievable for most people. In fact, many frequent travelers and shoppers find that they easily meet this threshold just through their normal spending habits.

Overall, the American Express Cobalt welcome bonus is a great way to start off your experience with this top-rated credit card. With generous rewards and flexible redemption options, you’ll be able to enjoy all the perks of being an American Express Cobalt member right from day one.


One of the major drawbacks of American Express Cobalt is its limited acceptance worldwide. While it’s a popular card in Canada, it may not be as widely accepted outside the country. This can be a big inconvenience for travelers who need to use their credit cards frequently when they’re abroad. Moreover, some merchants don’t accept American Express cards due to the higher fees charged by the company.

Another drawback of this card is its annual fee. While many rewards credit cards come with an annual fee, some people may find the $120 price tag for the Cobalt card too high. In addition, there are other credit cards available that offer similar rewards programs without charging an annual fee. For those on a tight budget or looking to minimize expenses, this could be a significant disadvantage.

Lastly, despite offering impressive rewards and benefits, American Express Cobalt doesn’t provide any airline-specific perks such as priority boarding or free checked bags like other travel reward credit cards do. This might not matter much for occasional flyers but could be a significant drawback for frequent travelers who rely on these perks to make their journeys smoother and more comfortable.

High Annual Fee for Additional Cards

The American Express Cobalt card is one of the most popular credit cards in Canada thanks to its many perks, including generous rewards that can be used for travel, dining, and more. However, some users might be put off by the annual fee of $120 for each additional card they want to add to their account. This fee is higher than what other credit cards typically charge for extra cards.

It’s important to note that while this fee may seem steep at first glance, it does come with certain benefits. For example, each additional cardholder gets access to all the same perks and rewards as the primary cardholder. Plus, there are no limits on how many points you can earn or how much you can redeem – so if you have a large family or frequently travel with friends, having multiple cards could actually end up being a good deal.

Ultimately, whether or not the high annual fee for additional cards on the American Express Cobalt card is worth it depends on your individual circumstances and spending habits. If you frequently use your credit card and take advantage of its rewards program, then adding extra cardholders could help you maximize your earnings even further – but if you only use your card occasionally or don’t need multiple accounts, then it might not make sense to pay the extra fees.

Limited Redemption Options

American Express Cobalt is a popular rewards credit card in Canada that offers a variety of benefits to its users. One of the main selling points of this card is its flexible rewards program, which allows users to earn points on everyday purchases and redeem them for travel, merchandise, or statement credits. However, some customers have expressed frustration with the limited redemption options available through the program.

For example, while it’s possible to use Cobalt points to book flights and hotels through the Amex Travel website, there are restrictions on which airlines and hotels are eligible. This can make it difficult for users who prefer certain brands or routes to find attractive redemption options. Additionally, some customers have reported difficulty using their points for other types of purchases like car rentals or experiences.

Despite these limitations, many users still find value in the Cobalt rewards program due to its generous earning rates and bonus categories. With careful planning and research, it’s still possible to maximize your rewards potential even if your preferred redemption option isn’t available. However, those who prioritize flexibility in their rewards programs may want to consider other credit cards with more extensive redemption options in order to meet their needs.

How to Maximize Benefits:

1. One of the most powerful ways to maximize benefits with American Express Cobalt is to use your Membership Rewards points strategically. With the ability to transfer points to over a dozen airline and hotel partners, you can potentially get more value out of your rewards than if you simply redeemed them for cashback or statement credits. Additionally, keep an eye out for limited-time transfer bonuses and promotions that can give you even more value for your points.

2. Another way to maximize benefits is by taking advantage of the card’s category bonuses. The Cobalt Card offers 5x points on eligible eats and drinks (including groceries), 2x points on travel purchases, and 1x point on everything else. By using your card strategically in these categories, you can earn more rewards faster and effectively increase the value of each dollar spent.

3. Finally, don’t forget about the various perks and benefits that come with being an American Express Cobalt Cardholder such as travel insurance coverage, access to exclusive events through Front Of The Line® by American Express Invites®, and complimentary ShopRunner membership which provides free two-day shipping at over 100 online stores. By taking advantage of all these features, you can truly maximize the value of your card membership!

Use Card Regularly

Using your credit card regularly is important, especially if you’re looking to maximize the rewards and benefits that come with it. With the American Express Cobalt Card, you can earn points on all of your purchases, whether it’s groceries, dining out, travel expenses, or even streaming services. The more you use your card for everyday spending, the more points you’ll accumulate.

One key advantage of using your credit card regularly is building a good credit history. Making regular payments on time and keeping a low balance-to-limit ratio can help boost your credit score over time. However, it’s important not to overspend just to earn rewards as carrying a high balance can lead to interest charges and debt accumulation.

Another benefit of using your American Express Cobalt Card frequently is unlocking exclusive offers and discounts through Amex Offers program. These offers are tailored specifically for each user based on their spending habits which means higher chances of receiving deals that interest them. By taking advantage of these offers while also earning reward points for purchases made with the card, users can save money while still enjoying their daily activities such as eating out or shopping online.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

One of the best ways to save money while enjoying your favourite activities is by taking advantage of special offers. If you are an American Express Cobalt Cardholder, there are a variety of special offers available to help you stretch your dollar further. With Amex Offers, you can get cashback or bonus rewards points when you use your card at participating merchants.

Some current offers include 10% cashback at Starbucks, $5 back on a $25 purchase at Sephora, and double rewards points on purchases made with Uber Eats. To take advantage of these offers, simply log in to your Amex account and add the offer to your card. Then, make sure to use that card when making a qualifying purchase.

In addition to Amex Offers, American Express also has a program called “Shop Small” which encourages customers to support local businesses by offering statement credits for eligible purchases made at small businesses with their Cobalt Card. By taking advantage of these special offers and programs, you can maximize the benefits of your American Express Cobalt Card and save money while doing so.

Utilize Cash Back Options

American Express Cobalt is a credit card that offers numerous cash back options, allowing users to save money on everyday purchases. With this credit card, users can earn up to 5x the points on eligible food and drink purchases at restaurants, bars, and cafes, making it an excellent option for those who enjoy dining out.

Additionally, the American Express Cobalt card also provides cash back rewards for travel expenses such as flights, hotels, car rentals and even transit fees like taxis or public transportation. The airline fee credit of $200 offered by American Express Cobalt is another great way to get cashback on travel expenses.

Moreover, the American Express Cobalt cardholders also have access to exclusive experiences through the American Express Invites program. These experiences include VIP access to concerts and events as well as other entertainment options. Overall, utilizing the various cash back options offered through American Express Cobalt can help individuals save money while enjoying their favorite activities.

Who Would Benefit Most: Frequent Travelers

Frequent travelers would greatly benefit from the American Express Cobalt card as it is designed to cater to their specific needs. With this card, travelers can earn 5 points per dollar spent on eligible eats and drinks in Canada or abroad. This feature is especially beneficial for those who love to explore different cuisines while traveling. Additionally, the Cobalt card offers 2 points per dollar spent on travel-related purchases such as flights, hotels, and car rentals.

The Cobalt card also includes some great perks that make traveling more comfortable and convenient. Cardholders have access to the American Express Global Lounge Collection which provides complimentary access to over 1,200 airport lounges worldwide. This feature is perfect for frequent flyers who want a quiet place to relax before their flight or during layovers. Furthermore, travelers can use the Card’s built-in Travel Insurance benefits that cover unexpected events such as trip interruption, lost or stolen baggage, and emergency medical expenses.

In conclusion, if you are a frequent traveler looking for a credit card that caters specifically to your needs with amazing perks like airport lounge access and travel insurance coverage – then the American Express Cobalt card may be just what you need!


In conclusion, the American Express Cobalt card offers a unique combination of benefits that makes it a powerful tool for those who love to travel, dine out and enjoy entertainment. With its flexible rewards program, users can earn points on every dollar spent and redeem them for travel, merchandise or statement credits. Additionally, the Cobalt card comes with a host of travel insurance and purchase protection benefits that offer peace of mind when you are on the go.

What sets the Cobalt card apart is its focus on dining and entertainment perks. Cardholders can earn extra points at restaurants, bars, cafes and even food delivery services such as Uber Eats. They also get access to exclusive experiences such as concerts, sports events and culinary festivals through the Amex Invites program. Finally, the Cobalt card has no annual fee in the first year (and only $10/month thereafter), making it an affordable option for those who want premium rewards without breaking their budget.

Overall, we highly recommend considering the American Express Cobalt card if you are looking for a versatile credit card that offers abundant rewards and lifestyle perks. With its unique features tailored to foodies and culture enthusiasts alike, this card stands out among other travel rewards cards in Canada.

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