How to use your preferred name on your credit/debit card

Understand: the bank still needs your legal name

It is important to understand that some banks will require you to open the account first and then submit a request for a new card with your preferred name, others allow you to do this during the account opening process.

The rule requires banks, credit unions and credit card issuers to establish a customer identification program to comply with government regulations.

American Express

If you want to change or update this later, please call the number on the back of your card. Amex allows cardholders to use a preferred name as long as it is not the name of someone famous or profane

BMO Harris

Their True Name initiative lets you use your preferred name on a credit, debit or ATM card. That includes business cards, too.

Capital One

A recent update to its policy allows Capital One credit cardholders to use preferred names, even if they are not derived from the person's legal name.



After updating your preferred name, you can expect a replacement card to arrive within four to seven business days, according to a Citi spokesperson.

Bank of the Republic

Republic Bank debit cards may have your preferred name. This includes personal and business debit cards thanks to the implementation of True Name.

Final result

Atualmente, vários bancos permitem que os clientes usem seu nome preferido em cartões de crédito e débito, incluindo contas comerciais em várias instituições. Outros se comprometeram a trabalhar na implementação do uso de nomes preferenciais no futuro.

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