1 – Split the pizza? Never!

You know what we do, going to a restaurant with the whole family, ordering a pizza and it arrives at the table cut into 8 slices or more and everyone enjoys it? So this in Italy, never! There, the pizzas are served individually, that is, each one chooses their flavor and the pizza they will eat alone.

2 – Country that is a true gallery of works of art

For those who love works of art, Italy is the perfect destination! The country of the boot has more masterpieces per square meter than anywhere else in the world.

3 – Real food lovers

Can you believe that at the opening of the first McDonald's in Italy, more precisely in Rome, in the central square Piazza di Spagnaem, in 1986, some residents were angry and decided to distribute free spaghetti in front of the cafeteria? This is to raise awareness and remind the population about the country's “culinary heritage”.

4 – Trevi Fountain that raises millions

You know that famous fountain in Rome, the Fontana di Trevi, which is present in 10 out of 10 checklists of those who visit the capital and dream of throwing a coin and making a wish? So, believe it or not, annually approximately 1.5 million euros in coins are thrown into the fountain.

5 – The 3rd oldest population in the world

In 2019, Italy confirmed itself as the oldest country in the European Union, with a rate of 168.9 people over 65 for every 100 young people under 15, a new national record.

6 – The 2nd largest wine producer in the world

Of course, wine production had to be on our Italy trivia list, as the country is the second largest wine producing country in the world, behind only France. The central region of Italy, known as Tuscany, is also a gigantic producer of excellent wines, mainly the white wines best known among connoisseurs, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, for example.

7 – It has 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Believe me, that's right: Italy is the champion country of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There are 53 properties registered and 40 more are still on the waiting list for certification, which can reach almost 100!

8 – 24-hour Wine Fountain

In addition to being the second largest producer of the drink of the gods, wine, in Italy there is a source of red wine that works 24 hours a day. Do you believe? This fountain is located in the Italian city of Ortona, which has only 21,000 inhabitants, and has gained fame in the country and in the world for its tourist attraction.

9 – Vatican and its peculiarities

In addition to being the smallest sovereign state in the world, at 0.44 square kilometer, the Vatican is the only country in the world that can close its gates at night. That's because the country is surrounded by walls where the Pope and the heads of the Roman Catholic church reside, in the center of Italy's capital, Rome, and dominated by the great basilica of Saint Peter.

10 – Dubbed movies at the cinema

For movie buffs who love new experiences in cinemas around the world, pay attention to Italian cinemas. Unlike what we find in the rest of the world, with dubbed and subtitled films, the films that play in cinemas in Italy are all dubbed. So, for those who don't speak and only understand buongiorno in Italian, it's impossible to catch a movie there.

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