What are the 10 largest airports in the world?

1- Denver International Airport – USA

Compared to the busiest airports in the world, Denver International Airport, in the United States, has a modest flow of passengers: there are “only” 69 million people a year. The tracks, however, have impressive dimensions. In all, there are six, the largest of which is 4,887 meters long: one of the largest in the world!

In addition, the airport also has the largest built-up area on the planet, with 137.26 km² that include runways, terminals, food courts, hangars and much more.

2-Dallas International Airport – USA

Fort Worth Airport, in Dallas, USA, has more than 78,000 m² of built area, through which flights to and from more than 200 North American and international destinations pass. Considered one of the largest airports in the world, Forth Worth opened in the early 1700s with an iconic flight: the first landing of the supersonic Concorde aircraft.

3-Orlando International Airport – USA

One of the main international destinations visited by Brazilians, Orlando, in the United States, has a “heavy” airport, with more than 53 thousand m² of area. The intense traffic at the airport is a result of popular interest in the city's tourist attractions, which include the world's largest theme park, Disney World.

4-Washington Dulles International Airport – USA

The fourth largest airport in the world is in the capital of the United States, Washington. Washington Dulles International Airport has over 48,000 m² of built area, with terminals, food courts, hangars and hundreds of stores.

5-Tokyo International Airport – Japan

Few airports in the world receive flights from as many airlines as Tokyo International Airport: 437 companies are served by the airport. On average, 85 million travelers arrive at the airport in the Japanese capital every year. With a total area of 550,000 m² and five floors, the airport is also one of the oldest in the world, opened in mid-1931.

6-Dubai International Airport – Dubai

Opened in 1959, when the city was still practically a desert, Dubai International Airport, in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the largest airports in the world, receiving more than 88 million passengers annually.

In addition to the modern and futuristic architecture of the construction, the airport impresses with its dimensions, with more than 2,900 hectares of area through which no less than 6,000 flights from more than 130 airlines pass every week.

7-Heathrow International Airport, London – England

The largest airport in Europe is in England, more specifically in London: Heathrow International Airport receives more than 80 million passengers annually.

Around 84 airlines operate flights from the London airport to 217 different destinations. What not everyone knows is that Heathrow International Airport is also the most sustainable in the world.

8-Shanghai Pudong International Airport – China

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is an attraction in itself in one of China's largest cities: this futuristic airport is connected to downtown Shanghai by a bullet train that travels at over 400 km/h.

More than 100 airlines operate flights to 210 destinations at the airport, which results in intense movement, with more than 76 million passengers annually.

9-Paris International Airport – France

Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris is the second busiest in all of Europe, after London Heathrow International Airport. The main hub for Air France, one of the largest airlines in the world, Charles de Gaulle transports an average of 76 million passengers every year.

10-Cairo International Airport – Egypt

The only African representative on the list of the largest airports in the world, Cairo International Airport, in Egypt, is a work of pharaonic dimensions, pardon the pun.

Altogether, there are more than 39 thousand m² of area through which about 15 million passengers circulate every year.

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