Qantas First Class a380 Review

Qantas A380

Qantas' A380 First Class offers travelers a luxurious experience like no other. 

Guests can enjoy priority check-in, access to the dedicated Qantas First Lounge, and a chauffeured transfer to their aircraft. 

Seating: Luxury and Comfort

Seats in the A380 are handcrafted from polished leather and feature an ergonomic design for maximum comfort .

The seats are adjustable with a fully flat bed option and come complete with a mattress pad, pillow, blanket, and even slippers to keep your feet cozy while flying. 

In-Flight Dining: Gourmet Fare

From the moment guests board, they are welcomed with a glass of champagne and a selection of canapes. 

The menu includes entrées such as grilled Atlantic salmon, wagyu beef bolognese, and char-grilled mushrooms served with aged parmesan cheese.  

Entertainment: On Demand Cinema

On Demand Cinema is a great way to access hundreds of movies and TV shows in the comfort of your own home. 

In addition to the latest releases, passengers can also catch up on series they may have missed or revisit old favorites that they haven't seen in years. 

Amenities: Refreshments & Gift

As a first-class passenger, you'll enjoy premium beverages such as Champagne, plus an extensive selection of wines and spirits.  

For dining, you will be treated to a gourmet three-course meal prepared by an award-winning chef, with options for special dietary requirements available on request.  

Service: Personalised Attendant

From the moment you board the plane, you will be greeted and welcomed by one of our dedicated team of attendants. 

Our attentive staff are trained to anticipate your needs, providing an unparalleled level of service without being intrusive or overbearing. 

Conclusion: Qantas Excellence

Qantas Excellence demonstrates just how dedicated the airline is to providing its passengers with top-tier service and amenities. 

This is why so many people choose this airline when travelling abroad or domestically; it's simply the best option available. 

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