Best Lufthansa A340 Business Class Review

Lufthansa A340

Lufthansa A340 Business Class offers a luxurious flying experience to its passengers.  

The seats are designed for maximum comfort, with plenty of legroom and an adjustable headrest.  The seats can recline into a fully-flat bed, which is ideal for long-haul flights 

Seat Design & Comfort

The Lufthansa A340 Business Class is renowned for its comfortable seating arrangements that offer a high level of comfort to passengers. 

The Lufthansa A340 Business Class seats come equipped with an innovative lie-flat feature that allows passengers to recline their seats completely flat. 

In-Flight Entertainment System

The In-Flight Entertainment System (IFE) on Lufthansa's A340 Business Class is one of the best in the industry. 

It features high-quality noise-canceling headphones to ensure passengers have an immersive entertainment experience without any disturbance. 

Food & Beverage Option

They have created a menu that offers a combination of international and local cuisines that are freshly prepared by their on-board chefs. 

Furthermore, they offer a full-service bar where you can order alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic beverages like juices or tea. 

Lounge Access & Other Amenitie

The airline has several lounges around the world, including in Frankfurt, Munich, and New York. 

Passengers can enjoy complimentary food and beverages, premium amenities like showers and spa treatments, as well as high-speed Wi-Fi. 

Cost & Overall Value

The cost of Lufthansa A340 business class is definitely higher than economy class or even premium economy, but it offers an overall value that many travelers consider worth the investment. 

The additional features and amenities provided in business class are designed to make the long-haul flight more comfortable and convenient. 


In conclusion, flying business class on Lufthansa's A340 is an experience that truly lives up to the hype. 

With its top-notch amenities and world-class service, it's no wonder why so many travelers choose this airline time and time again. 

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