Business Class American Airlines 777 Review

American Airlines 777

The American Airlines 777 business class cabin offers much more than just comfort.

Aircraft Description

When describing American Airlines' Business Class 777 aircraft, it's impossible not to mention the comfort and luxury that passengers will experience throughout their flight.


I understand how important it is to provide  business class passengers with exceptional service and comfort when flying on 777 aircraft.


Amenities play a crucial role in meeting these expectations. From comfortable seats to in-flight entertainment systems, amenities can make or break the travel experience.

In-flight Entertainment

The business class section on their Boeing 777 is equipped with personal seatback screens that provide access to hundreds of movies, TV shows, and music albums.

Food and Beverage Service

From pre-flight drinks to multi-course meals served on fine china, the food and beverage service in business class is designed to give passengers a taste of luxury in the sky.

American 777

To those who have just completed their journey aboard this aircraft - safe travels and farewell!