1. Limited budget

The royal family's travel budget is financed by taxes paid by all Britons, and that's limited. Thus, from 2016 to 2017, the displacement of monarchs consumed a total of 4.3 million pounds sterling. Therefore, private planes can only be used during trips connected with state affairs.

2. Prohibition of luxuries

Unlike her son, who doesn't mind wasting taxpayers' money, the Queen herself often chooses the cheapest option and, instead of traveling by plane, travels using the train. She does not prefer a special royal composition, but normal travel.

3. Use of a friend's plane

If members of the royal family don't want to use the services of a regular airline, they can borrow a plane from their friends. There are rumors that Kate Middleton and Prince William do this. They often use British billionaire Hugh Grosvenor's plane to go on vacation.

4. Official visits and vacations

Everything becomes more difficult when members of the royal family combine official visits with vacations. What happens in these situations and who should pay for the flight? So far it is not known.

That's why Prince Harry took a risk when, after an official visit to the Caribbean, he changed his flight to British Airways paid for by the state and, instead of returning home, went to visit Megan in Canada.

5. Real clothes

Normal people can dress on flights in a way that makes them comfortable for travel, i.e. leggings, tights, sneakers and sweatpants. But that doesn't suit the royal family. And, during the flight and at the time of landing, your limbs must be impeccable, formally dressed and looking impeccable.

6. Passport control

The royal family adheres to all customs and migration rules, but of course they don't have to face any queues and their searches are faster than those of ordinary passengers..

Queen Elizabeth II is the only person who does not need a passport, as “Her Majesty”. But she has to pass inspections every time she enters or leaves Britain, reporting her full name, age, address, nationality, sex and place of birth

7. Never two heirs on the same plane

Royal protocol states that 2 heirs to the throne must never travel together on the same flight, so that the royals are protected against eventual fatalities. Even though there are no official rules regarding the matter, all members of the royal family must receive special permission to fly from Queen Elizabeth II.

8. Tea time

Wherever Queen Elizabeth II goes or flies, she never changes one of her habits: the traditional afternoon tea. The queen prefers a typical English tea, which includes toast and her favorite cake. When she takes a train ride, her assistants know that tea and her favorite drinks must be served 4 times at certain times.

9. Security and exclusive luggage

The luggage of each member of the royal family is specially designed and approved by a marking system with labels of a certain tone. Thus, Prince George has blue markings and Elizabeth II's luggage has an inscription that says "Queen".

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