1) Check-in

1) Still at check-in, it is possible to declare to the airline the items contained in the checked bag and their respective values. The attendant keeps a copy of the list and gives another signed copy to the passenger;

2) Check your luggage

2) When checking baggage, make sure it has been identified for the correct destination;

3) Use bags with bright and flashy colors.

3) Use bags with bright and flashy colors. In addition to facilitating viewing, they minimize the risk of theft. If the suitcase is black, attach large, colorful stickers and tie colored ribbons to the handle. When placing padlocks, choose ones that are opened with passwords and secrets;

4) Put TAGS

4) Put TAGS on the bags (labels or stickers with name, address and telephone);

5) Take pictures of items in your luggage

5) Take pictures of the items that are in the luggage and keep all the invoices for the products you bought. This helps prove the value of your belongings in case you need to claim insurance or file a lawsuit;

6) Personal documents

6) Personal documents, money and small and medium-sized electronic equipment must be carried by the passenger, never inside checked baggage.

In exceptions, put the most valuable items at the bottom of the suitcase, as the crooks have little time to carry out thefts and usually steal what is on top;

7) Cooler bags and shoe boxes

7) Thermal bags and shoe boxes are great “disguises” to accommodate valuable products and not attract attention;

8) Do not leave luggage out of sight.

8) During meals, shopping and trips to the ATM, do not leave your luggage out of sight. In the airport bathroom, put your suitcase in the box;

9) Upon disembarking from the plane

9) When you disembark from the plane, go straight to the conveyor belt. An 'unowned' luggage becomes an easy target;

10) When retrieving your suitcase on the conveyor belt

10) When retrieving your suitcase from the conveyor belt, open it and check that nothing has been stolen, even if there are no signs that it has been opened. When you notice something is missing, notify the airline immediately.

Note: It is important to remember that, in case the luggage is lost, the company has a deadline to deliver it to the address indicated by the owner. After this limit, the airline must indemnify you. In the case of theft, in addition to notifying the company, the passenger must file a report with the police to investigate the fact.

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