Gresham Palace - one of Europe's timelessly iconic luxury hotels

Widely known for its magnificent and pioneering architecture, the Gresham Palace, now part of the prestigious Four Seasons collection, is a key stop on any exceptional European journey. This art nouveau masterpiece, built in 1904 and captivating the world for decades, welcomes the Lartisien brothers for a one-of-a kind visit and exclusive interviews to better understand the palace’s exceptional reputation.

Let General Manager Yves Giacometti guide you through the fascinating history of the hotel’s beginnings to one of its most popular Royal Suites of the moment, where the luxurious furnishings and spectacular view from the terrace will take your breath away.
Then, embark with the concierge on the famous “Buda before breakfast” tour, a unique and tailor-made experience that allows our fitness enthusiasts to discover the city’s landmarks while practicing their favorite activity, ending on a stunning scenic spot.
Finally, meet Chef Attila Meinhart, whose passion for pastry and dedication to perfecting the customer experience not only inspired the Gresham signature cake, but also propelled him to compete as a national representative in the World Chocolate Master 2022 contest.

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00:00 Video intro
00:25 Hotel presentation
01:08 Encounter with General Manager Yves Giacomelli
02:28 Tour of the common areas
04:00 Visit of the Royal Suite with Yves Giacomelli
05:08 Discussion with Chef Attila meinhart
06:53 “Buda Before Breakfast” experience
07:59 Glimpse of the hotel’s atmosphere at night
08:38 Video outro

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